About Score New Orleans

In June of 2006, the state of Louisiana began to implement a groundbreaking tax incentive to help invigorate the music industry in the state lauded as the birthplace of American Music. A mere 4 months after the devastation brought by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent levy failures, Louisianans began to help bring the music back to New Orleans by aggressively courting musicians and the music industry to return and get back to work.

One of the earliest projects brought back to New Orleans after the tax incentives went into effect was the recording of the underscore for the film Madea's Family Reunion by New Orleans natives, composer Elvin Ross and filmmaker Tyler Perry. The session was a resounding success (as was the film) and in fact showed what could be done in New Orleans even under some difficult circumstances.

Since that first orchestral scoring session, many others have come to Louisiana and New Orleans to take advantage of not only the local musicians, studios and of course the native culture and cuisine, but also the very competitive rates and innovative tax incentives that make it a true destination for the recording of music for film, television, video game and multi-media projects.

ScoreNewOrleans.com exists as a resource for those contemplating coming to New Orleans (or other cities in the great state of Louisiana). ScoreNewOrleans.com will help show how anyone looking to record music can book a studio, contract an orchestra, band or individual musicians, and deliver music for your project that will exceed creative expectations and with final costs lower than recording anywhere else in the United States, and most other locations throughout the world.